Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rage Comics

I often post very short stories about Jane on Facebook, and was recently told be a friend that I should be making a comic strip with these Jane stories, which could then be published in a newspaper. I pointed out the my friend that, "Only old people read the newspaper these days," taking care to imply that I was definitely not an old person. 

Realizing however, that the nature of people looking for entertainment telling a story in a short-and-sweet, 4-panel arrangement has not changed, I asked myself, where are the comics these days? The Internet, of course. One of the forms of short-and-sweet, 4-panel comics that conveys common simple emotions, is the popular Internet meme called the rage comic. It's a simple drag-and-drop format with stock faces and expressions that's easy to make.

So, armed with only my edgy sense of humor and keen eye for the wry, I set about creating rage comics based on the often hilarious and inventive things Jane does.

Here are some of my comics. They are all pretty self-explanatory.
Raising Jane: Eating Crayons 
(recounting a story from when Jane was about 9 mo old)

Raising Jane: Not Eating Candy, just FYI

Raising Jane: Self-reliance

Raising Jane: Y U NO SLEEP?

More stories of Jane coming soon!

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