Monday, November 28, 2011

Green Eggs and Brown Pond Water

Jane gets green eggs for breakfast. No ham today, alas.

I use food coloring to make food more interesting and fun for my three-year-old. She not an especially picky eater, but she does like when things are interesting and out of the ordinary.

This morning she wanted green eggs. If I had it already pureed and frozen, I could easily have used spinach or kale, but as it was, I pulled out the food coloring.

Occasionally, when I think she needs to drink more water, I'll color her water as an enticement to hydrate. She always like to watch the drop go in, the water molecules swirling about in an otherwise perfectly still glass of water, creating something that looks like smoke from a censor diffusing in the air. Jane always watches closely, then as the swirling strands of color branch out she squeals, "Ooo!! Scary!!" 

Then one day she asked for a drop of red and a drop of green food coloring. Naturally it came out pond-scum brown. Now she wants brown pond water. Imagine how this looks when I have company and she asks for brown pond water... and I say, "Of course, Honey."

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