Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who is Kinnera?

While my Church family in Brick, NJ, and in California know me as Kinnera (my baptismal name), the rest of the world at large knows me by my legal name: Laura.

In Jan 2000, when I was baptized Orthodox, I took the name of St Kinnera of Kirkinner, Scotland. St Kinnera was from the same region of Scotland that my family (Gilliland) originally came from, and since I had no other Orthodox ties, I gravitated to this connection.

When I arrived in Brick, NJ, in 2001, knowing no one, I introduced myself at church by my saint's name, knowing that the only time I would ever hear that name spoken was within the Church. I didn't set out to be confusing, I just liked hearing the name and being reminded of my baptism.

So, this is why people call me Kinnera and others call me Laura. I answer to both.

What we know of St Kinnera:
St. Kennera (Kinnera) of Scotland, Virgin Martyr
October 29
Born in Scotland, 5th century.
Saint Kennera is said to have been educated with
Saint Ursula (f.d. October 21)
and Saint Regulus of Patras (f.d. March 30).
Later she became a recluse at Kirk-Kinner in
Galloway, Scotland (Benedictines, Encyclopaedia).

Troparion of St Kennera tone 8
Bright beacon of purity and Light of Galloway,
O holy Kennera/
As thou didst preserve thyself in virginity
for love of Christ//
Pray to Him, that despite our corrupt condition
He will grant us great mercy.

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